Lumber Replenishment

Cut Tree TrunkOn average, each American uses over 200 board feet of lumber each year and over 600 pounds of paper.

Human carelessness accounts for 90% of all forest fires.

An area of rainforest the size of a football field is being destroyed each second.

About 6.1 million hectares of moist deciduous forest disappear every year, of which the largest regional share is in Latin America and the Caribbean, with 3.2 million hectares lost.

As you can see, humans make a significant impact on the forests and trees we depend on. But though the destruction is intense, several programs have been instilled throughout the world to help replenish our valuable forests and endangered trees.

Plant for the Planet

A U.K. initiative that targets schools and children 14 years and below, Plant for the Planet organizes tree planting sessions in April and November. Schools are enlisted to help thousands of trees each year. Several other countries have joined this initiative, and it is estimated that through participation, each participating country planted 1 - 5 million trees by 2008. Efforts continue annually.  

Barlinek - One For One


For every package of flooring that Barlinek sells, they plant a sapling in what is known as the “Customer’s Forest.” Thus far they have planted more than a million and half new trees, and that number is steadily increasing.

In recognition of Barlinek’s efforts, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) issued a certificate verifying that the company obtains wood in conformity with forestry management principles.

Lacey Act

Originally a US law designed to protect forest wildlife, in 2007 these protections were extended to wild plant life as well. The bill makes it illegal for Americans to purchase lumber or lumber products that were crafted or harvested in violation of a foreign law.

Global ReLeaf

Since 1990, American Forests’ Global ReLeaf program has planted nearly 40 million trees to restore forest ecosystems in deforested areas across the country and around the world. Through local partnerships, Global ReLeaf is able to involve individuals, organizations, agencies, and corporations in tree planting projects that improve local and global environments.

Global ReLeaf projects have been carried out in every state across the country and in more than 38 countries around the world. The projects are funded by American Forests’ members and donors.

Botanic Gardens Conservation International in the United States

Devoted to the preservation and research of endangered trees, this organization actively plants endangered tree seeds and grows them, all the while studying the gene structure to preserve the species and determine supplementary areas for growth that may be outside of their natural habitats.


Paper Everywhere!

Random foliage

Nearly four billion trees are cut down throughout the world each year to create paper.  This comprises about 35% of all harvested trees.

Each person in the United States uses about 749 pounds of paper per year.

For more information about paper consumption and alternate sources, please read this article from Ecology.Com - Paper Chase.

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